About Top Flight

As a brand created out of passion, Top Flight has blossomed into becoming the premier apparel provider in the Esports Space.

Here at Top Flight, we have a different motto than every other apparel provider. Our goal is to put money IN your pocket, not take it OUT of your pocket. We refuse to be the brand that charges outrageous design fees, ridiculous rush fees, and offers pennies on the dollar as a commission.

Let's be real. This Esports sh*t is expensive. And we're all out here chasing our dreams, yes, but everyone needs to turn a profit in order to thrive. Your apparel should be a major part of your brand turning a profit. It should be a true pillar to your growth. Dollars in your pocket, not the other way around.

Whether you already work with an apparel provider who gives you pennies on the dollar, you work with a private supplier, or you are just starting out, Top Flight's revenue driving structure is the place for you to be. Click the button below to talk to us about how we can generate your brand some revenue with your apparel.